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Channel Punjabi – Rate Card

FY – 2020
A) Rich Media Ads (Homepage) Innovations * INR – Daily
B) Standard Banner Ads INR – Daily
C) In Banner Video (R side) INR – Daily
D) Pre Roll Video Ads (Live TV) INR – Daily
E) App Standard Banner INR – Daily
F) App Interstitial INR – Daily
G) Section SponsorShip * INR – Daily
H)  Widget SponsorShip (Live Scores, Weather, Stock Market) * INR – Daily
INR – Daily


We offer High Impact Ad Formats which offer higher user engagement, ease of implementation, increased reach and increased ad revenue. We help you monetize better with our advanced ad targeting and promotional techniques. We help you reach your relevant audience thus increasing your traffic.

Standard Banner Ads

Standard Specifications:
The standard banner is displayed as shown in the above image across different pages of the website.
Ad Dimensions: 728X90
Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
Max File size: 2MB


The In Banner Video is displayed on Right hand side of the website page.
Standard Specifications:
Ad Dimensions: 300X250
Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
Max File size: 2MB

App Interstitial

Interstitials ads present rich HTML5 experiences or “web apps” at natural app transition points. They provide in-app browsing experiences with a simple close button rather than any navigation bar—the content provides its own internal navigation scheme.
Standard Specifications:
Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
Max File size: 4MB

Pre Roll Video Ads (Live TV)

Pre roll Video Ads are online video commercial that appears prior to an online video on a site and are typically 10 – 15 seconds in length.
Standard Specifications:
Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
Max File size: 2MB

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  • * Special Days to be excluded
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Rates are subject to revisions regularly basis changes in inventory